вторник, юли 22


Ето го и проекта ни, скъпи приятели - Selenators. Изпращайте го на Селена, нека ни забележе тази година.
Dear Selenators, please send this to Selena! Thank you!

From Boryana (a.k.a. Borsun, SMF Admin)- Bulgaria
Selena Marie Gomez is 22 now, and I still can't get over it. I'm her fan from.. lol, 7 years when I was 7 we were dancing on "Tell me something I don't know" in school and we were watching the first episodes from Wizards Of Wavery Place. I really love her, she is my idol, my role model.. So I made this project to tell her "Happy Birthday". :) :з
From Mariana Ancheva
"Hi Selena Happy Birthday! PS This is my picture of you in my favourite song Come And Get it. Bulgaria Loves you. - Mariana Ancheva"

From Alyssa Greene (a.k.a dgreene88) , Detroit, Mitchigan

I love you like a love baby Selena u rock!!
I'm from Derotit, Michigan
Stats dance tour Selena touched my hand 11/ 26 /13 !!
Now I hope that my idol Selena
Happy birthday Selena come back in the scene soon we missed you there !!! 
~Love Alyssa aka dgreene88

Selena is my idol 
I live her so much .She is amazing 


She inspired me to be my self 

She inspired me to help kids around the world 
So cute 
Selenators live you 
She is sweet
Pickes lover 
My dream is to meet her
Happy birthday Selena I love you 

July 1992 she was born. Selena Marie Gomez is awesome idol. Sel Gomez is 22 years old today. She has helped kids all around the world. She loves Pickelas. She is a great actor. She loves dogs . Selena Gomez is a great singer .My dream is to meet Selena . She is a fashion Icron . Great singеr. Selena inspired me to be myself !!

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Thank you, it's really amaing. btw

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*Thank you it's so amaziiiingggg * 

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From Emma, SelenaMarieFans moderator
Selena I can't believe you're 22 now,we love you so much,you're the best idol we could ask for so I hope you have the best birthday ever!We love you <3  
~Emma Bulgarian Selenator

From Anity
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SELENA!! I love you so much, you are my idol, my role model and my favourtie star. Selenator are my family and you are my queen. Love, your Bulgarian Selenator Ani aka Anity... Notice us queen!! Happy birthday :з :)

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